Take Back Your Life!

A lot business owners struggle with creating boundaries between their personal lives and their professional endeavors.

That’s because by starting a business, they have become both financially and emotionally invested in the outcomes and successes of their company. And in order to manage their business and gauge their investments, business owners must initially take on immense amounts of responsibilities to keep it afloat. As a result, they put themselves in complete control of the business, involving themselves in every aspect of the operation and performing tasks regardless of how menial or unimportant they may be. Their business become their babies and the longer they stay in operation, the more difficult it becomes for business owners to draw lines between what is business and what is personal.

It is unlikely that business owners will freely choose to release certain business tasks to other people. They have gotten in the habit of doing it all… and well, if you really want to know it feels pretty badass being boss because they can do it all.

But here’s the reality: No matter how good you are at being boss, no matter how many projects you’re capable of completing, no matter if you’re the worst boss or the best, when you control every aspect of your business, you miss out on the personal experiences that define your life. And that’s scary.

Think about it, when is the last time that something personal came up and you brushed off your professional life? It’s probably been awhile. After all, it’s so much easier to sacrifice personal lives for professional opportunities. And the ability to prioritize professional over personal is so habitual that it goes unnoticed by the business owner. Unfortunately, this tendency does not go unnoticed by the rest of world. And slowly but surely, everyone around the business owner tires of being put on a shelf for later.

You see, business owners often suffer with a severe case of tunnel vision, limiting their ability to see what else is around them. They have forgotten about relationships, and hobbies, old times, and adventures. They have forgotten how to live unless they are controlling their business.

Some business owners are afraid to give up control of their business because running their business has become a source of identity for them.

But today, I want to remind you something: YOU are more than your business. You are at a point in your business where you can actually afford to give up small aspects of your business simply because you can no longer afford the opportunity to miss out on what life has to offer you. Life is happening all around you and it wants you to join! Other people can take over for awhile so that you can get out and have a life again. It’s okay. We are giving you permission to take back your life.

And just in case you forgot, here are the top 3 things you used to be awesome at before you let controlling your business completely control your life:


You used to have friends. Friends who weren’t in your office or profession. Friends who you didn’t also write a paycheck to. And here’s the thing about those old friends—- they’re still around. They’re still doing things. They’re still drinking beer and hanging out. They’re still on the lake. They’re still doing all of the things you talked about doing. They’re just doing it without you.

An unfortunate side effect of your business tunnel vision has been the diminishment of the relationships around you. But, it’s not too late. It is never to late to salvage relationships with old friends and family members.

All they want is your time. So, find one aspect of your business that you can afford to give up and farm it out to someone else. Let a professional control this facet of your business and then spend the time you would normally have spent on this task with your friends and family. You’ll be surprised what an hour of drinking beer and laughing about college will do for your level of happiness in life.


Breakfast used to taste really awesome…. when it wasn’t smothered in conversation about fiscal responsibilities and business strategies. But somehow, over the years, breakfast has become more about networking and planning, than it is has been about the bacon. Remember how you used to go out for brunch just because you wanted the bacon? Now, breakfast is just about making the bacon and forgetting to taste it.

You deserve a meal that isn’t just another tax write off. So, find one portion of your business that doesn’t necessarily need your input and let someone else take it over. Then, spend the time you would have dedicated to that job on taking your spouse out to brunch. Drink coffee without rushing to the bottom of the mug.

And do yourself a favor, take a minute to taste the bacon.


Remember how you used to golf and fish? Wasn’t that fun? Remember when you first started your business and you would sneak out of your office on sunny afternoons and not tell people where you were going? Those were the days. Were they not?

But those days don’t have to be over. You have the power to take back those hobbies and those afternoons out of your office. All you have to do is choose to take them. So, pick out a portion of your business that you can easily let someone else monitor and quit doing it yourself. Then, take the extra time this gives you to sneak away for an hour or two in the afternoon.

It’s isn’t an easy reality to admit, but giving up control of certain aspects of your business isn’t going to kill you…and it won’t be the demise of your business either. It’s time that you started to rework your business strategy to give up some control so that you can start to enjoy life again.

Think about it. Are there aspects of your business that you don’t really need to control? Are there things you can be having someone else do that will save you valuable time and create less stress?

At 360  we pride ourselves on helping business owners comfortably transfer accounting responsibilities into our control. We monitor your financial actions so that you can take more action in your life. We are able to give business owners hours of their work weeks back so they can have more free time. To get more information, please join our mailing list today so that we share what steps you need to take in order to take back your life!

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