Without a doubt, the core service that every CPA firm provides to its clients is tax preparation. Quarterly or annually, most of our peers consider preparing and filing tax forms with the IRS to be their bread and butter. The way we figure it, tax preparation is just the last piece of the tax advice and strategic planning we share with clients all year long.

We offer a range of services to individuals and closely held, middle-market businesses, including, but not limited to:

  •  Tax Compliance & Preparation
  •  Individuals
  •  Corporations
  •  Sub-Chapter S Corporations
  •  Partnerships
  •  LLCs/LLPs
  •  Estates, Trusts & Gifts
  •  Not-for-Profit Organizations


Income tax preparation for closely held businesses, is an opportunity for McMullan CPA’s experienced team to work closely with you to identify all areas where deductions and tax savings are available. We provide timely tax services to businesses, with the personal touch.  Priding ourselves on going way beyond state and IRS filings. Our goal is to save you money and help you keep more of what you earn. This is what we have practiced for over 40 years.

Proactive Communication

For starters, we don’t wait until April to talk taxes with our clients. Every day of the year, we help closely held businesses develop strategies to keep more of what they earn. When it comes time to file your return, you can trust that you’re only paying taxes on the money you have to, and that you’ve protected your company’s bottom line with smart choices throughout the year.

Interest In You

Like you, we’re interested in your business’s success over the long term, so we help you identify and implement tax planning strategies that make the best use of your money. More profits in your hands means more investment, more employees, or maybe just a chance to take a vacation now and then.

Financial Goals

Put McMullan’s tax expertise to work for you. Tell us your financial goals for the next quarter, the next year, or the next decade, and we’ll develop strategies tailored to get you there. With regular consultations that keep you up to date about opportunities in the marketplace and risks that need to be managed, you’ll understand why we treat every season like tax season.

The way we figure it – it’s the best way to help our clients succeed.

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