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You want financial security now, for your children and for generations to come. Count on us for the tax planning strategies that link to your overarching wealth-generating plan. Our goal is to protect your interests.

  • Year-end tax planning
  • Multi-year tax projections
  • Minimizing the impact of the alternative minimum tax (AMT)
  • Tax strategies related to your investment planning and capital gains
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Retirement planning and distributions from qualified plans and IRAs
  • Family-owned or closely held business succession planning
  • Charitable giving planning
  • Education funding strategies


Proactive and innovative tax planning enables you to not only reduce your tax liabilities but also defer current and future tax for years to come. With the proper tax planning strategies in place, you are able to maximize your current cash position. McMullan has a dedicated group of tax experts who specialize in tax planning strategies like gift and estate tax reduction, retirement planning and establishing family limited partnerships. + READ MORE


We don’t have to tell you that anytime the IRS sends you a letter, your life can get stressful fast. We can help. Not only can we untangle whatever issue the IRS thinks it sees, but we’ll take over communication with them. When you trust McMullan CPAs with your IRS matter, you won’t have to worry that you’re saying the wrong thing, or what your rights are. We’ll protect you, and work out a fair deal that reflects your best interests. + READ MORE


The reasons vary, but when people come to McMullan CPAs to talk about their financial goals, they usually have a couple of things in mind: hanging on to more of their wealth at tax time, and learning how to structure what they have for their own future and their heirs.

McMullan’s team of experienced CPAs believe in responsible strategies that focus on a long term view. We help you plan for taxes, but we can also go far beyond that to help protect your wealth through prudent estate planning, the creation of trusts that protect your legacy, and guidance on how to use your money today so you can count on having it tomorrow.



When it comes to estate planning, trusts are an essential financial tool that can offer a number of advantages to your estate and your heirs. At McMullan CPAs, we’ve helped clients establish trusts that reflect their wishes and protect their assets for more than 40 years. Count on us to create durable, reliable financial tools that let you direct your assets as you see fit.


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