Business Services


Closely held businesses both new and existing need a full service accounting firm that will understand the landscape you’re operating in. McMullan keeps you informed year round so you’re never taken by surprise by changes in the marketplace, tax laws, or the regulatory environment.


When it comes to running a business, few things cause more headaches than realizing that you missed out on valuable tax savings or have an unexpected tax bill. Every day we work with businesses and individuals to enable the effective use of strategies that reduce and manage tax liabilities. After working with us, you will have tax planning that ensures you stay in compliance while minimizing your tax burden.  + READ MORE


Our accountants are proactive when it comes to saving your business money, by keeping you up-to-date with changes, and are always available to answer any questions you may have, any time. Because we’re a great place to work, you can count on building lasting relationships with experienced CPAs who take the long term view when it comes to your business.

McMullan CpA’s has helped businesses like yours, save money over in-house accountants and bookkeepers, improve internal controls, evaluate accounting issues, and assess the quality of information that you use every day to make business decisions.   + READ MORE


We perform audits for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations as well as audits fof 401K plans in order to provide the highest level of assurance for our clients’ financial needs.  Let McMullan provide you with a stress free, thorough audit.

The assurance services provide by McMullan uses our professional knowledge to make the best possible financial or non-financial recommendations to clients so that they can make informed decisions.  +READ MORE 


You have worked hard to build your business. Let McMullan CPA’s business consulting and strategic planning expertise help you take it to the next level. We help clients plan for robust futures by identifying and managing risk, evaluating opportunities in the marketplace, and planning prudently for the challenges that inevitably arise.

Whether you are conducting due diligence on the purchase or sale of a business, securing critical information, resolving a dispute, optimizing operational performance or vetting a major technology investment,  we can provide you with the facts and recommendations that can guide you to a successful outcome.  +READ MORE